My little one, Hayley & Jeremy back in June <3.

Just 3 regular gingers y’no.

Howdy! Leon fell in love with Jeremy’s jacket.






Whoever made this deserves a price. It’s perfect


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Holy fuck. I made this a while back when my blog was Paramore-blackandwhite. Never imagined it’d get this many notes holy shit

Leon with Paramore. Thinks he wants to be the 4th member when he grows up.

Why did someone else post a pic of my baby? Lol well, I guess it’s cause he’s just the cutest.

Leon got a present from the band as well. This is gonna go on the wall above his bed. <3

Hayley and the love of my life, my son Leon <3

Love you more than life.


Yup. I look like crap.

World’s youngest Paramore fan. This little dude has been on stage with Paramore, not too bad!

Mama loves ya!

 Anonymous asked: "What was it like meeting paramore ? :D"

First time I was sooo nervous! I could barely talk. The other times it has just been like hanging out with old friends :D

7 weeks left until this little Paramore fan arrives <3

These came in the mail today. In 3 months I’ll have the coolest kid ever!